Quiet life

 Have you ever imagined yourself far away from civilisation, urbanisation, freeways, molls and fuss? Have you ever wanted to live in a rural house with a smooth lake in front of it? Yes? Where would this place be?

What kind of fauna would you like to see in that place around you?

For example, these beauties were purchased from Imperial Russia and taken to London in the beginning of the 20th century. They're gracious and phlegmatic. Maybe they were slightly cold when I took pictures of them, but... it doesn’t really make them less beautiful. 

Birds don't only represent particular territory and conditions of living there (like water, air, flora, types of insects, etc.). They can show you a spectacular character.

Some of them like to befriend other species. Some doesn't mind to steal food from their neighbours. 

Some birds prefer loneliness. They live within their family and don't interact with others a lot.

Do you want to have a garden? Or just a quiet island?
People are a lot like birds. Except that sometimes we can't fly to the place we want.


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