Mysterious, dark, amber... What do you imagine reading these words together? I'm remembering incredible golden lit walls of the Museum of Natural History.

Its grand staircase as well-known as the one from the Titanic or another one from the Grand Opera in Paris, I think. From here you can see, smell and feel the gigantic art work of all the people who has been building this place since 19th century. 
You rise your head as you go u, but not right there and now you see the drawings of plants on the ceiling that are so fascinating, because your gaze circles and jumps, and devours firstly the whole picture, then the bigger details, then the smaller. Balustrade, openings, arches, ceiling metal beams like the ribs of an airship... And the ceiling is waiting for its turn to be examined by the eyes that are glazing in complete awe.

Right in the moment you go through the arches, you're sure that you have entered a surreal place, a land of fabulous tales, monstrous creatures, delicate, unseen flowers. And all of it surrounded by solemn walls towering over you, enveloping you in a mist of the past. Or is it the past? Maybe it's some other reality?

The famous "Night in the museum" should have been filmed here, because this is the real place where the history talks to you and comes to life. And not only at night.

I can swear I haven't seen anything so inspiring for studying in my life. I wish I could go back in time and get here when I was a child. Who knows, maybe my love to dinosaurs would spill over in these walls, and I would become an archaeologist.
You can't ignore the energy that the Natural History Museum in London shares with you. It goes right through you, running in your veins now instead of the blood.

And you meet the eyes of people who feel the same thrill, filled with sparkles of adventure, and you know right away: this space won't leave anyone indifferent.

If you don't like museums, dull lectures, biology, or showcases, why don't you go there to change your mind forever? I assure you that if these skeletons don't impress you enough, the "living" and roaring T-Rex definitely will. I looked at it like a dazed kiddo. I think my eyes were even bigger than those of the school kids roaming around.
London has a lot of aces in the sleeve to amaze you even with the simplest of things.


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